Hi, I’m B.A.

Growing up in the humble concrete jungle of Newark, NJ, I always dreamed of traveling and meeting people. My blessed life and careers have afforded me that. In my years of traveling and vacationing around the world, my experience working in the people development business has given me a unique perspective concerning the human condition.

The insight gained has allowed me to use my formal and informal learning as an educator to relay abstract concepts, not familiar to most in a very unique and customized format. Because each person is different and requires an individualized approach to learning, I utilize personalized and group dynamics to create an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and forward-thinking.

Known as differentiated and diverse instruction. My students and I learn together, from one another and create an environment where ideas can be exchange openly and freely.


Whether I am in a classroom, lecture hall or conference room; working with people is something I enjoy more than anything. It is my purpose in life and what I have come to embrace well. There is nothing more important in life than one finding their purpose in life and for being.

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” I believe that couldn’t be more true, so helping people achieve that reality is what I am all about.

But I don’t play when it comes to purpose and assignment, so you need to know a little bit about me before journeying with me.

  • Outspoken personality
  • Passionate about learning
  • Take my call seriously
  • Focused and determined












Take a look at my diplomas and degrees. Each tells a bit about my story and how I came to do what I was called to.

My Story

I list some of my degrees and accomplishments, not to brag but for the sole purpose of inspiring you to achieve your dreams. Despite the circumstances or challenges that come your way. And trust me, challenges will come. Each milestone has a story.
When I began the journey toward earning my Bachelors I was underemployed and facing homelessness. As I trusted and studied hard I witnessed God give me the job of my dreams, with no “formal training”, but self-gained experience that would launch my IT career. A very prosperous career. One where the Internet dot.com boom was great to me!
While completing my Masters I developed a case of vertigo that hindered my ability to analyze and compile software at the high level I once did. Developing and designing software was no longer possible for me. I had a moment of discouragement because one of my passions was no longer possible. However, God used this event to provide me a retired from corporate America and I didn’t know I’d earned.
Then in 2012, during my doctoral studies an ischemic stroke would claim the right cerebellum of my brain. Forcing me to reevaluate every area of my life. This enemy would prove to be my greatest challenge yet. My movement and speech were temporarily halted. After stepping aside from several of my businesses, projects and ministry the birth of my long-awaited book “Living and Operating in Employed Faith” would fuel the next chapter of my life.

Which brings me to where I am today! Seeking God to determine the next path of my life helped me embrace who I am and what I was called to do. I’d individually help hundreds of people and met thousands of others in my travels who had benefitted from my life experiences.

Clearly and without fear, I understood I was created to be in the people development business. There’s no higher goal than to help others realize their significance and potential. As a full-time and dedicated mentor for the past seven years I have dedicated my life, time and energy to build a diverse client roster. A team of phenomenal people from business to ministry, housewives and stay-at-home dads, and executives and laymen who are pursuing their passion daily toward fulfilling their dream of entrepreneurship.

Together we are reshaping reality from one of fear to a lifestyle of faith…faith to achieve the possible! We’d love to have you be apart of what we are building. Come and join the life mentoring program and let us help you do the same.

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